Transfer Strategy – making transfers like a champ

116.1 million pounds. That is the value of Real D S, whose manager goes by the name of D S. Real D S are leading the charge to be crowned the most valuable fantasy premier league team this season, with a lead of 0.4 million. How did D S manage this? By making a whopping 158 transfers, that’s how. With two wild cards and 33 free transfers (36 weeks minus 1 (for week 1) minus 2 (for the wildcards)), this approach would have cost at least 500 points by my calculations. So far this term Real D S has scored a total of 1,509 points. Real D S might be leading the league for most valuable team but there are more than 2,000,000 teams with more points and Real D S trails the overall leader, Simon March’s Atletico Marchid**, by 848 points.

Spending 500 points on transfers is not the way to win the Fantasy Football league. Today’s article looks at the transfer strategies of the top 50 teams. The first graph shows a plot of the number of transfers versus league position:

Transfer policy1

The most striking factor that this graph highlights is that if you want to be a top 50 manager then you can’t afford to make too many transfers. But you also can’t make too few. Transfers range from a low of 32 to a high of 45. As mentioned above at the end of week 36 every manager had 33 free transfers at their disposal as well as 2 wildcards. Only 4 out of 50 managers used 33 or fewer transfers. All of the others have spent points on transfers, but nobody has had more than 45 transfers costing in the region of 48 points. It is worth noting here that Atletico Marchid** made only 33 transfers and lead the league by 27 points – perhaps his competitors could not afford those extra transfers.

Before we finish our first look at winning transfer policies let’s take a look at another graph. This one shows a histogram showing how many of the top 50 had how many transfers.

Transfer policy2

About 75% of the top 50 managers have made fewer than 40 transfers. This looks to me like a good limit for anyone planning their transfer policy for next season. Spending more than 24 points on transfers is likely to cost you places overall. Be judicious with your use of transfers. Team value will only take you so far. So far this season I have made 54 transfers. Next year I will be looking to take my own advice – check in in May 2016 to see if I actually did.

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