2015/16 – Game week 7

The fairytale lads are back for another edition of fairytale football, with host Eamonn O’Leary joined by regular pundit Mark O’Callaghan who roped in his brother Richard for 90 minutes plus injury time of fantasy premier league chat. Super Saturday lived up to it’s name for once, with a total of 35 goals from 8 matches, with 26 of them happening live on air. Cake corner of the week was a success yet again, as was the Home and Away slot. We also had two fairytale football firsts, with the lads offering up a decade of the rosary for Chris ‘Stato’ Brown as he recovers from the flu, and the first play of the “Big Kahuna Burger” ad produced by Fairytale Advertising Ltd. The sound quality improves after the first 10 minutes, so stay with it. The quality of the content is consistent throughout.

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